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"Meeting you was a complete pleasure and we very much enjoyed every part of your workshop. From the books to the games, we found the whole thing amazing. Something I really liked was that we got to design our own characters in our own way in a game. I also loved how you were so cheerful talking to us. We appreciated it when you spoke to use as if we were your friends."

Alishba and Arisha, Year 6

Level Up Your Writing

Class talk & creative writing 90 Minutes + class time Virtual: £100 | In person: get in touch to discuss fees

Videogames are stories. They have characters and worlds and obstacles to overcome. Stories and games are exciting for the same reason – you get to invent a character and go on an adventure through a fascinating world to solve a problem.

I introduce Emmy Levels Up with a reading from the book and short Q&A. As a class, we will create a character with strengths and weaknesses and put them in an unusual world. Then we will present them with increasingly hard challenges to overcome. After we’ve planned our own stories, I will leave your class with the task of turning their plan into a story. Teaching resources included.

"Thank you for spending your time talking with us, it felt like you were actually here than if you were through a screen but it was all very entertaining. I liked the part where you answered questions because it made us get to know you a bit more - all of your answers were interesting. We hope to see you again - maybe at school next time!"

Paras and Zain, Year 6

Resources for Schools

Oxford University Press have produced some fantastic school resources for Emmy Levels Up.

Download them here!

On ReadingZone you can find an interview all about Emmy Levels Up as well as a video to share with your class about the theme of bullying. The video includes a reading.

ELU schools resources3.png
ELU schools resources.png

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