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Cover art by Abbey Lossing

Helen grew up in a wild and unruly corner of the internet, where she dodged flames, crafted websites and led a guild of magical wolf-tamers. From a young age she realised that technology gave children superpowers.


Besides writing, Helen has had many jobs including building jousting arenas, getting children lost in hedge mazes to teach them about poetry, and guarding the children’s library dressed as a glittering dragon. When she’s older she hopes to be a mermaid or a witch.

Helen completed the Bath Spa MA in Writing for Young People with Distinction and won the United Agents Prize for Emmy Levels Up. She lives in Bristol with her gaming partner and two furry writing buddies. She likes adventure games, stormy seas, rock climbing and cats.

Helen is represented by Lauren Gardner at Bell Lomax Moreton.

Emmy Levels Up will be published by Oxford University Press in 2021.

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Emmy Levels Up

Release date: April 1st 2021

Online, Emmy is a star gamer with fans who love to watch her videos. At school, Emmy is friendless and bullied. Vanessa, the Queen of Mean, has decided that Emmy is a weirdo with bad handwriting, horrible fashion sense, and no dad. Can Emmy level up, join forces with some new friends, and beat the bullies?

Emmy Levels Up is Helen Harvey's debut novel, suitable for readers aged 8-12.

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