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Illustration by Martyna Roszman for the Torchlight anthology

Emmy Levels Up

Contemporary realism for 8+


Emmy is a superstar gamer, who plays as a fire elemental with magma claws and flaming breath. When her gaming video gets a front-page feature, thousands of fans flock to watch her battle the Mulch Queen herself.

Life at school is not so easy — especially when Queen of Mean, Vanessa decides that Emmy is a weirdo with bad handwriting, horrible fashion sense and no dad.

Emmy has already beaten the Mulch Queen. Now it’s time to level up and beat the Mean Queen once and for all.  


Emmy Levels Up won the 2017 Bath Spa/United Agents Prize. 


Read the first chapter on My Book Corner

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eagle island

Pixelnicks / Screenwave Media


Join Quill, a shipwrecked young lad, & his owl companion Koji, as they uncover the mysteries of the Isle of Yulu and it’s powerful eagle guardian, Armaura. This charmingly inviting, yet hard to master, adventure of two friends will challenge the most dedicated old-school platform enthusiasts while putting a fresh spin on retro mechanics for contemporary gamers. Welcome to Eagle Island!

I'm thrilled to be a contributing writer for Eagle Island.


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Reading Stars

Neutron Stars

Ransom Publishing


I'm really excited to have contributed four titles to Ransom's phonics and bookband series for high-low readers.


Visit Ransom Publishing to buy and find out more.

Dog at the End

of the World

March Hamilton


What happens if you grow a house on your head? Which is more real, sunshine or maths? If a giant tells you to go into the forest, will you go?


A collection of poems for children and teens.

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twinkl originals

Twinkl Educational Publishers


Twinkl Originals KS2 collection includes chapter books, short stories and plays designed to capture children's imaginations and invest them in learning. Each text is accompanied by a range of exciting resources.


Browse the Twinkl Originals Collection to find out more.

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