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Eagle Island

Eagle Island is a procedurally-generated platformer about a boy and his Owl, exploring the ruins of an ancient island, designed by Nick Gregory.

It was greenlit on Steam in April and successfully funded through Kickstarter in May. It is planned for release in summer 2018.

I'm really excited to be writing the dialogue for this project!

How to Beat the Queen of Mean

I'm working on a book about a girl called Emmy who is obsessed with computer games. Her favourite game is like a mash-up of Minecraft and Neopets.


That's not a coincidence. I am too. Some of my favourites right now are Broken AgeMassive Chalice and Terraria. I'm also a lifelong fan of The Sims and Civilization.

In fact I like any games with puzzles, strategy and story.

When I'm not writing stories, I'm often working on mini game projects, like this one...

tess on the beach game splash page
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